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The Alchemy of Love and Sex

  • Autor: Lee Lozowick
    Editura: Hohm Press
    Anul aparitiei: 1995
    ISBN: 978-0934252584
    Nr. de pagini: 312
    Format: 150 x 230mm
    Limba :
    In stoc
    buc. Cumpară
    75.00 Ron

    Edited from 20 years of the author's teaching in both the USA and Europe, The Alchemy of Love and Sex articulates the immense conflict and confusion surrounding love, sex, the genders and tantric spirituality. Lozowick provides straightforward but not always comfortable or polite advice for those seeking clarity in their spiritual exploration.

    Where can men and women learn about the real spiritual practice of tantra? How can we uncover real potential within intimate relationship? This direct and often humorously blunt treatment of the sacred path of love and tantra lets readers in on the “secrets” of how to weave these ingredients into spiritual practice.

    The Alchemy of Love and Sex is edited from twenty years of the author’s talks and seminars in the U.S. and Europe.





  • “…the book’s style is blunt… Western notions of sexuality are denounced with such a vengeance that the book will offend all but the most open minds.” – Library Journal


    “With his thought-provoking talks gathered into a fine bouquet in this volume, Lee Lozowick intends to do much more than inform his readers. He wants to create in them a state of wonder so that they can open themselves to higher wisdom and the possibility of genuine transformation in their lives.” – Georg Feuerstein, author of “Sacred Sexuality”


    “The Alchemy of Love and Sex is the first tantra book to tell it like it really is for men and women raised in the spiritual void we call western civilization. The radical and irreversible psychological transformation that must take place for tantra to be authentic and give birth to the ego-dissolving power of total love-bliss is explicitly outlined by Lee Lozowick. I recommend this brave and brilliant book without reservation.” – David A. Ramsdale, M.A. co-author of “Sexual Energy Ecstasy (Bantam)”

    "This nonfiction consciousness-expanding book may reveal to you just how liberal you are--or aren't--about your sexuality. Far more than a sex manual, Lee Lozowick's eye-opening text discusses such tangential issues as having passion for all aspects of life, the elements of a truly sacred marriage, and the balance of the Masculine and the Feminine in each individual, among other subjects. But be prepared: the author goes after common Western notions of sexuality with an axe! You may love this book or hate it, challenge it or be challenged, but either way, you will take a new look at the old story of love." -- Amazon.com


    "The great Sufi poet Rumi raises the question: "What are you, spiritual or sexual?" In this self-help book of 70 of his talks, "crazy wisdom teacher" Lee Lozowick shouts "Both!" Pithy passages are organized as "secrets" that offer commonsense insights for men and women seeking to unfurl the "mysteries" of sexual union. Lozowick begins with assessments of the dividing natures of men and women and proceeds to a demystifying approach of tantric love and beyond. Despite the fact that his earthy language will offend some (prick and tits pop up on page 2), his approach is almost quaintly old-fashioned. He eschews selfishness, proscribes relationships based on friendship, insists on honor and maintains that orgasm is not the ultimate communion but only a part of a loving life. "The Divine is not discovered by becoming more and more 'far out.' The Divine is discovered by becoming optimally normal." -- Publishers Weekly


    "This book is wonderful. It really wakes up your senses and gets you thinking about the simplest of things that have been right in front of you your whole life! Like the basic implications of what it means to be male or female, and how this relates to the mind. Never dogmatic, but often challenging and even confrontational, you will learn something from this book. And like some of the people reviewing this book here, you may not like it! But then just because our ego doesnt like something doesnt mean it isn't true. Speaking of truth I have to say this book has the fewest errors of any spiritual book I've read. It really cuts to the heart of the matter and drops all the nonsense and Eastern verbage that put me to sleep in Buddhist books. Heartily recommended!" -- A reader from Amazon.com


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