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In the Best Interest of the Child

  • Autor: Nadir Baksh, Psy.D. and Laurie Murphy, R.N., Ph.D.
    Editura: Hohm Press
    Anul aparitiei: 2007
    ISBN: 978-1-890772-73-4
    Nr. de pagini: 144
    Format: 152 x 228 mm
    Limba :
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    This book will help parents save their children unnecessary anguish throughout the divorce process. Written by a licensed clinical psychologist, and a nurse and counselor, the authors have a private practice with families, and also work as court-appointed evaluators in child-custody disputes.

    Their advice and direction is eminently practical—detailing what adults can expect from a custody battle; what they will encounter in themselves and in their children (emotionally, physically, mentally) during divorce; advising how parents can make sense out of children’s questions; offering guidance in making decisions for themselves and their kids; and explaining the ultimate importance of putting the child’s needs first.

    Topics covered include: the stress and fear that children take on; the need for extra vigilance and care toward children during times of adult transition; softening or preventing the custody “battle”; what to expect when you are divorcing; the hidden needs of children; and dealing with an uncooperative spouse. Includes numerous case studies plus a bibliography and list of referral services.

  • "This is an outstanding reference book for parents trying to work their way through the emotional difficulties of divorce with the least possible amount of damage to the children. It holds out the hope that, with time, there is light at the end of the tunnel!" -- from Amazon.com

    "This is a must have book if you are going through a divorce and want to spare your children as much emotional trauma as you can." -- from Amazon.com



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