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My Body is a Temple

  • Autor: Christina Sell
    Editura: Hohm Press
    Anul aparitiei: 2011
    ISBN: 978-1-935387-19-0
    Nr. de pagini: 192
    Format: 152 x 228 mm
    Limba :
    In stoc
    buc. Cumpară
    75.00 Ron

    With the freshness of a memoir, author and yoga teacher Christina Sell draws upon her first visit to an extraordinary temple in southern India to present basic principles of yoga. Beyond the ordinary aims of yoga as a means of stretching and strengthening, or even for being happier or more centered, My Body is a Temple is an instruction manual for dedicating oneself to a life of the spirit, in and through the vehicle of the human body. The body as a temple is a common metaphor within many spiritual traditions. In this book, Christina Sell delves into the “how” and “why” of this widely accepted comparison.

    My Body Is a Temple will encourage readers to listen to and honor the body; and to enter more fully into their everyday lives to see that each activity contains a Divine blueprint for success. It will help any yoga student to reclaim the raw materials and energy, always already present, to build his or her body as a temple—to provide refuge and sanctuary for themselves and inspiration for others.

    While the author’s tradition is that of Anusara Yoga, a strongly heart-centered approach, the book is written for any hatha yoga aspirant or practitioner. Her commitment is to traditional yogic practices and ideals, without being rigid. My Body Is a Temple is a vital and realistic treatment about the process of human change and transformation.


    Table of Contents:

    Part 1 Building the plans
    Intention; The Highest First; Practice; Intrinsic Goodness; The Body; Asking the right questions

    Part 2 Laying the Foundation
    Adhikara; Yamas and Niyamas; The Conditions

    Part 3 Scaffolding
    The Dharma; Spiritual Authority and the Guru; The Kula; Enthusiastic Discipline

    Part 4 The Sanctuary
    Beauty and the Expanding of the Inner Life; Asana as sacred art; Pranayama as an Invocational Dance; Mantra as Devotional Music.

    Part 5 Worship
    Darshan of the Heart; Communion.

    Part 6 Outreach
    Service and Outreach.


  • “Christina’s book is a lucid, well-presented account of her practice and cultivated wisdom of Shiva-Shakti Tantra and the teachings of Lee Lozowick over the last decade. Her very pragmatic outlook covers the elucidation of several key philosophical topics of Anusara yoga and her sadhana with Lee. This is a great introduction into how living a profoundly elegant, modern Tantric philosophy can infuse the practicioner with an inner freedom of the highest joy.” – John Friend, Founder of Anusara Yoga


    “Christina Sell is the real deal! An exceptional and experienced teacher and writer, her book offers clarity, discernment and wisdom that only comes from someone who walks her talk. I highly recommend her books, as well as her classes.” – Mariana Caplan, author of “Eyes wide open: Cultivating discernment on the spiritual path”, cofounder  Center for World Spirituality


    "A Practioners Handbook to “Find the Peace That Resides Within”. We are all slaves to the clock and the pressures of survival, financial and emotional. When asked what would make us happy? Peace and security are the gold standards by which we measure success. For generations many have found the practice of Yoga in meditation as a road map to a state of “Narnia”. Then and never more so now. This book is an instruction manual. A how to of transformation. In this well written and accessible ‘practitioners’ book  one is guided to the how and why of inner peace by the practice of meditation. The writer takes the reader through the six stages of awareness.  The body that we occupy is a temple of energy. Harnessing those energies provides an inner sanctuary. A reassuring and a pleasant concept by which to pace one’s life. I can recommend this life manual. Go on give yourself a daily mot." -- Seamus Doran, showbiz.euvue.co.uk


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