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Zen Simply Sitting

  • Autor: Philippe Coupey
    Editura: Hohm Press
    Anul aparitiei: 2006
    ISBN: 978-1-890772-61-1
    Nr. de pagini: 120
    Format: 139 x 215 mm
    Limba :
    In stoc
    buc. Cumpară
    70.00 Ron

    “It doesn’t matter whether you are intelligent or stupid. There’s no difference between a dull or smart person. Sincere concentrated effort is, in itself, the Way.” – Dogen

    No diluted, dumbed-down or sugarcoated version of Zen teaching and practice will be found here! Contemporary Zen teacher Philippe Coupey offers readers a clear, strong and useful commentary on the Fukanzazengi –– the short basic classic on how to practice zazen, written by the Master Dogen in 1227. Coupey’s approach to this timeless teaching is based in the work of his own distinguished master, Taisen Deshimaru, the Japanese Soto Zen teacher who brought Zen to Europe. What’s new here is that the text has been put into everyday English, and given a contemporary context by the author.

    Based on Buddha’s teachings and venerated in the Zen tradition, this text is regularly recited in Zen temples. Though brief, it remains a source of inspiration and guidance for both beginners and advanced students as it has for centuries. Dogen invites the practitioner to give up intellectual understanding and simply direct light inward.

    Fukan means recommended for everyone, so this is not an esoteric work limited to priests and monks.

    Zazen is the practice of sitting meditation.

    Gi is law or principles.


  • “Zen, Simply Sitting is a delightful look at Eihei Dogen’s 13th century manual/manifesto on Zen meditation. Taking the backward step to examine the mind that is present right now. The deceptively simple text is both through and clear. A valuable resource for those who seek to understand Zen meditation, it includes a glossary of terms and an index of stories used in the text and commentary.” – Michael Dairyu Wenger, San Francisco Zen Center


    “Distilling over thirty years of Zen practice, Phillipe Coupey skillfully comments on living the awakened life. Coupey pokes and prods at us to awaken to the reality of life as it reveals itself. Through his clear and concise commentary of Master Dogen’s Fukanzazengi, we feel the long reach of Master Dogen and the Zen ancestors, encouraging us to live the awakened life, here, now!” – Roshi Wendy Egyoku Nakao, Abbot, Zen Center of Los Angeles


    ''We heartily welcome the publication of these commentaries on Master Dogen's Fukanzazengi by Rei Ryu Philippe Coupey. The publication of this book in English should contribute to bringing the valuable teachings of the excellent Japanese Soto Zen master Taisen Deshimaru and his living, contemporary disciples in the West, to the wider attention of Zen practitioners in the U.S. The relative paucity of English-language works from within this particular Zen lineage on the American book market has been one of the factors in the undeserved low profile that this important 20th-century Zen teacher from the Kodo Sawaki lineage has suffered on the American Zen scene. We are hopeful that Rei Ryu's lucid, refined, and mature commentaries--undoubtedly the precious harvest of his several decades of continuous and loving dedication to his master's message and broader Zen mission in the West--will touch the hearts of readers on this side of the Atlantic, sparking here the Way-seeking mind and an interest in and commitment to true Soto Zen practice. Dogen's basic guide to zazen practice, his Fukanzazengi, was one of the first of his writings, produced soon after his arrival back in Japan from China in the 13th century with the essence of Soto Zen practice, and the work was aimed at promoting zazen widely across society, and not limited solely to some monastic minority. In this book, which is richly supplemented with a useful glossary of terms, Coupey takes Dogen's text virtually sentence by sentence and then provides very apropos and memorable commentaries and background that not only vivify and enrich the points of the original text, but also properly orient us Western newcomers to zazen and nourish us helpfully in its practice. The reader--and more relevantly, the earnest practitioner following the guidance communicated in this potent guidebook--will taste the deep and unmistakable flavor of the genuine Zen practice promoted some eight centuries ago by Dogen Zenji in Japan, and more recently and so dynamically by Master Taisen Deshimaru in the latter decades of the 20th century in Western Europe, who left there a rich and expansive legacy of Soto Zen practice and dedicated elder practitioners, of whom Coupey is certainly among the primary ones. This contemporary teacher is uniquely able to bridge the language barriers and bring Master Deshimaru's rich teaching and wisdom readily to an English-speaking readership, thus furthering Dogen Zenji's original intent to promote zazen practice universally among laypersons and monastics alike.'' -- from Amazon.com


    ''I came from a Hindu meditative background with the desire to familiarize myself wit Zazen. This is a deep read for a beginner. It introduces the reader to the foundation and context of the Way, practice, and discipline but with a lot of narrative versus instruction that I was looking for (I am a very cognitive - linear learner). Perhaps there is nothing to look for here and it's all about simply sitting. Ill definitely have to re-read this and reference another book that came highley recommended to me.'' -- from Amazon.com



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