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Rumi: Thief of Sleep

  • Autor: Shahram Shiva
    Editura: Hohm Press
    Anul aparitiei: 2000
    ISBN: 1-890772-05-4
    Nr. de pagini: 132
    Format: 140 x 215 mm
    Limba :
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    In the award-winning Rending the Veil, Shahram Shiva revolutionized the translation of Rumi by making it possible for readers to make their own authentic versions of Rumi's poetry. Now, in RUMI: Thief of Sleep, Shiva has taken selections from Rending the Veil and condensed them into one small, gift-sized edition.

    This book contains 180 translations of Rumi's short devotional poems, or quatrains. Shiva's versions are based on his own carefully documented translation from the Farsi (Persian), the language in which Rumi wrote.

    Drawing from his study of more than 2000 of Rumi's poems, the translator has chosen his own favorites, presenting a faithful cross-section of the poet's many moods3/4from passion to adoration. The result is a text to delight, intrigue and inspire. This volume is excerpted from Shiva's masterwork, Rending the Veil (Hohm Press, 1995).The scholarly nature of his previous book prompted Hohm Press to present this condensed volume in a format that is economical and more accessible to the growing public of Rumi lovers, especially those who demand authentic translations.


  • “Words can heal, they can transform our lives and bring joy, meaning and purpose. Words can bring us closer to God. Such are the words of Rumi. In Thief of Sleep, Shahram Shiva (who embodies the culture, the wisdom and the history of Sufism in his very genes) brings us the healing experience.” – Deepak Chopra, author of “How to Know God”

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