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„Observarea de sine”

de Red Hawk

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Derisive Laughter

  • Autor: Lee Lozowick
    Editura: Hohm Press
    Anul aparitiei: 2010
    ISBN: 978-0-934252-25-6
    Nr. de pagini: 84
    Format: 155 x 240 mm
    Limba :
    In stoc
    buc. Cumpară
    40.00 Ron

    A collection of hidden spiritual teachings from Lee Lozowick, founder of the Western Baul tradition.

    The book is in English, French and German.

  • “If you want to add a spiritual touch to your conditioning and believe that you are transforming yourself, throw this book away and forget you ever set eyes on it. It might make you want to meet the man and that could be traumatic… But if you are tired of dying day after day without learning anything of real value, if you are starting to face what Mr. Gurdjieff called “the horror of the situation”, this book might be helpful.” – Gilles Farcet, author of “Se Lève a L’Ouest”


    “It has been a pleasure to read something with the ring of personally realized truth, and in a style that is both eloquent and without literary pretensions – a remarkable “bad poet” indeed.” – Claudio Naranjo, M.D.


    “In the tradition of the greatest prophets, shamans, and philosophers, Mr. Lee Khepa Baul appreciates the depth of the resistance to love by self in each of us. Mr. Lee teaches that in the silence of abandoning ourselves to God’s love, the resitance of the self melts. Integrity of love of God: that’s what Mr. Lee teaches and that is what he demonstrates. His devilish personal style cannot masks the love of God he is.” – Steve McCarl, Ph.D. Department fo Political Science, Denver University

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