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„Observarea de sine”

de Red Hawk

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Waking to Ordinary Life

  • Autor: Lalitha Thomas
    Editura: Hohm Press
    Anul aparitiei: 2011
    ISBN: 978-1-935387-21-3
    Nr. de pagini: 220
    Format: 139 x 215 mm
    Limba :
    In stoc
    buc. Cumpară
    75.00 Ron

    Spiritual practice is never something mysterious or alien to ordinary existence. Neither is it defined by difficult exercises or maintained by perfect tranquility. Waking To Ordinary Life speaks directly to the false presumption that our relationship to the Divine, to Spirit, somehow precludes a simple life based in human maturity, dignity and kindness toward others. It casts unrelenting light on how clear-cut spiritual practice actually is, if only we have the courage to choose it.

    Lalitha is a spiritual teacher living in Washington state and Canada. Waking to Ordinary Life is derived from her recent talks and conversations with friends and students making its message fresh, accessible and real. Her many examples bypass heady concepts and pretty words, and bring the reader down to earth where messy relationships, greed and cancer must be handled. She speaks with compassion, yet is categorically unwilling to compromise the demands of committed, unsentimental work on self.

    Topics include: the necessity for articulating an aim, which may then be applied as a guiding principle in all one’s endeavors; the power of genuine forgiveness; the urgency inspired in the face of death, and the experience of delight in ordinary life.

    Lalitha Thomas is a spiritual teacher residing in both Washington state and Canada. She has been a disciple of Western Baul master, Lee Lozowick, for the past 30 years. Her work stands out with a fierce clarity that both transcends gender and yet remains powerfully rooted in femininity. Lalitha has extensive training as a master herbalist and healer, and is the author of several respected books in the field, including 10 Essential Herbs and 10 Essential Foods. She is the director of Kripa Mandir Ashram.


  • “Waking to Ordinary Life might be the remedy – actually instructions for a self-applied remedy rather than enforced from an outside source – needed by today’s self-centered and celebrity seeking, fear-driven population. Over the many years, I have seen students fall by the wayside through seduction, anger, self-imposed miseries and in a few cases, the trap described in Chapter 9 – a state in wich one believes one is further along the Path than one really is – which can, indeed, lead to an unexpected case of total paralysis, resembling the effects of walking catatonia unless repaired expertly and quickly, before it sets in too deeply. Lalitha’s book is well-written, very professionally constructed, and most importantly, it’s clear, easy to follow, and makes good reading. A book I have on my Important Books Shelf. I highly recommend it.” – EJ Gold, artist and teacher, author of “The American Book of the Dead” and “The Human Biological Machine as a Transformational Apparatus”


    “This book is terrific and was a great help to me personally, but it takes courage. If you have spiritual guts, then there are priceless treasures here that no serious practicioner can afford to miss. It is deeply wise and the wisdom is grounded, practical, accessible, useful immediately. Every level of practitioner will benefit from Lalitha’s insights. She is a straight-shooter, a no-bullshit guide through the labyrinth of mind emotions. The chapter on forgiveness and Internet use alone are worth the price of the book. If you wish to Work, to grow and mature in your practice, and become stable and reliable, here is authentic help.” – Red Hawk, poet and author of “Self Observation: The Awakening of Conscience”

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