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de Red Hawk

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It is all about people here.

Everybody learned what he knows from somebody. Be it either a book, school, workshop or coaching, all learning comes to us through the work which other people did. Everything we’ve got, the sources for our growth came to us through other people's effort, dedication and passion to give what they had. When we think about our future learning and healing it is again about the people we choose to spend time and work with.

We believe that when it comes to our own development, it is much about the people in whose company we spend our time. There is an old Romanian saying that goes like this: „Tell me who do you accompany yourself with, to tell you who you are”. The quality of wisdom we develop comes from our teachers, mentors and trainers, from people who inspire us in our life. That is why we value the kind of „company” we spend our lives with and why being in „good company” matters.

Sometimes we meet only once a trainer, a therapist or a teacher who gives us exactly the right „key” we need to forward our lives to the next level of development. Later we start admiring that person's work and we acknowledge the contribution she or he has brought to us.

Such admiration and acknowledgement is our motivation to create „Good Company”: a space which fosters and nurtures people’s desire to learn, heal and grow in ways they cannot do it by themselves.

It seems that if we don't share our life in the company of people who authentically nurture our humanity and our spirituality, we simply fade away. The company of certain people gives us the energy and inspiration we need to grow and perform. Sometimes we desire their company and sometimes it is they who look for our presence.

We live in times when communication is instant and traveling is fast. Scheduling our life for an entire year is pretty common now. Today it is possible to travel to many places in the world and meet the trainers, therapists or teachers one wants. But not many of us have the necessary time and money to afford such a journey. Over time, we traveled and met special persons who we loved working with and being with. Afterwards we wanted to continue learning from them and to share their valuable „good company” with all our friends. We invited some of them to come to Romania to present their work here and many said YES.

This is how Good Company group started. Here is our vision: to support internationally recognized trainers, therapists, writers, teachers and speakers to come to Romania and lead their work here. They are people who inspire us by who they are and what they do for others. We want to offer you the possibility to meet them so you can benefit from their skills. We invite you to share altogether one very „good company”.

It is all about people learning from people, here at Good Company.