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„Observarea de sine”

de Red Hawk

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Everything happens for a reason

Claus sent us a wise and inspiring story, about how nothing is random in life and everything happens for a reason which we cannot understand at all times. This short story full of wisdom, shows us that there is a subtle part of existence and everything is part of a perfect plan. 

A hard working carpet maker is stolen a sheep. As his neighbors learn about what has happened they come and speak a lot of curses and bad words about the thief. The victim itself just keeps working without stress and replies just this 'everything happens for our best'.
Next day the thief is caught and he has to give back the sheep and on top of that, as punishment, a horse. When the neighbors come, look at the beautiful horse and start to praise the carpet makers luck he only replies 'everything happens for our best'.
Next night the horse runs away and breaks the stable door. when the neighbors come  to comfort him wailingly he only calm and friendly  replies 'everything happens for our best'. The neighbors shake their heads and return to their homes.
A few days later the horse returns and brings forth two wonderful wild horses. The neighbors are lauding him but he stays centered and only mutters 'everything happens for our best'.
When the carpet makers son breaks his leg while trying to ride one of the horses everybody approaches the carpet maker, addressing his unfair fate. He only replies 'everything happens for our best' so the neighbors get very angry and decide not to talk to him anymore  because he must be crazy.
The week after that the kings' soldiers come through the village, taking every healthy man possible with them, because the king needs men for a new war. There was a lot of wailing and lamenting around those who remained in the village.

When they learned that the carpet maker son hadn't been taken away because of his broken leg, they again started to praise the old  man's fortune. He again replied 'everything happens for our best'  and his son asked him 'daddy, why do you always say that ?' the old man answers 'i see and expect always the best, even in my darkest hour. seldom we have an idea why good or bad things happen to us.'

Life resembles the back side of a carpet: we see a lot of threads higgeldy-piggeldy, it doesn't seem to make any sense, but one day, when we go home, we will see the carpet of our life from his good side and we will realize, that everything is produced into a perfect design.

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