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de Red Hawk

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About Regina's activities in Romania 2012


Sunday 3rd of June, Regina finished the 4 day retreat she did with a group of women at Techirghiol Monastery. They were 4 full and intense days when participants worked either individually or in a group.
After this retreat, she received a spontaneous and wonderful feedback from a participant. We were very delighted to read this message.


"My dear Regina,

I am extremely grateful for the amazing opportunity to have met you. Your words, your smile, love and energy simply continue residing in my heart and for that... THANK YOU!!! I've asked G. to put aside two pieces of your book "Igniting the inner life" for me and I'd be truly honored if you could take the time to sign them and write few special words of wisdom... your wisdom :))

I so look forward to seeing you again later this week!

All my love, M."


Tuesday 5th of June, Regina was invited to participated to a cultural TV show called 'Cultural Journal' broadcasted by TVR Cultural. Regina spoke about her visits to Romania and about 3 of her books. Here you can watch a part of this show.

You can also listen to Regina on Sunday at Radio Guerilla where she was invited to participated in the radio show 'The Voices of the Movies' hosted by Irina Margareta Nistor, between 11 and 12 o'clock. http://www.radioguerrilla.ro/live

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