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de Red Hawk

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Real Wisdom for Real People


Friday, August, 3 between 19,00h - 21,00h: BOOK LAUNCHING ”Conscious Parenting” and SEMINAR PRESENTATION. The book in Romanian can be purchased at the launching event at Seeds for Happiness Center in Bucharest and online at www.goodcompany.ro

Saturday and Sunday, August 4&5, between 10,00h - 17,00h: SEMINAR ”Conscious Parenting and Conscious Relationships”. A seminar to integrate spiritual principles in ordinary life, addressed to parents, teachers, singles, anyone who cares for children and teenagers, as well as students and practitioners of any spiritual path, to anyone who wishes to understand himself and his childhood and who wants to live truly as an grown up individual.



      • What does it mean to be a conscious adult . . . or a conscious parent? 
       How do we deepen and build the bonds of love and trust with our children and with all others in our lives?
      • Does honesty in communication really work?  . . . with our children, our families, our friends and with ourselves? 
      • What is the role of play, emotional expression, and management of energy in the development of healthy children, and healthy adults?
      • What reasonable and loving boundaries do we all need: children and adults and how do we create them? 
      • How can we create safety, sanctuary and “space” for our children, our partners and all our relations to be themselves?
  What is the role of grandparents in consciously raising children, with full involvement in their education?

These are just some of the questions to which we will receive an answer during this seminar, coming from four women which have devoted their whole life to live in truth and in harmony with oneself, with others  and the world around it.

Mirabai Lodro, Rose Volckhausen, Mary Young  and Sharana Lhaksham are on the Western Bauls spiritual path since  more than 20 years,  under the direct guidance of Lee Lozowick, the author of the book ”Conscious Parenting”. Through everything they have done and continue to do, this four women are a tremendous example of wisdom, compassion, generosity and love. They raised children, now they are grandparents, they are giving advices for parents in the community in which they live and for their friends who raise children alone, they are writers and are giving annual conferences and seminars around the world about how to integrate the principles of a healthy life, consciously, in tune with the spiritual life of each other, in all aspects of everyday life.In the present, they are living in Hohm Sahaj Mandir community in Arizona, created by Lee Lozowick in 1975 and are responsible for the communication and preservation of the teaching of their master in the U.S. and around the world.

For more details about Lee Lozowick click here.




“Conscious parent yourself, in this way inner innocence and natural inner wisdom will become the most satisfying human being!" Lee Lozowick, author of ”Concious Parenting”

“How to be a conscious parent (conscious parenting) it means a lot for me, because i see in this the only opportunity of a better world for our children." Claus Kostka, physiotherapeut

”Parenting consciously involves understanding children, being awake in any given moment, and being whole enough to provide what is truly needed. Lee Lozowick shares practical keys to all three, drawing from his insights, candor, dedication to children and unparalleled emphasis on parenting as a path of transformation." Rahima Baldwin Dancy, author of ”You Are Your Child’s First Teacher”

”The responsibility of being with children either in an official capacity as a teacher or parent, or simply as a friend or companion, is literally a responsibility for the future of humankind. What we model for children,how we treat them, how we parent them, is more than important - it is absolutely vital to their mental, emotional and physical health and well-being and to that of the earth itself (and beyond, as we develop the technology for space travel and extraterrestrial exploration). Children grow to be whole adults by living with whole adults, not by having moral principles pounded into their little heads by well-meaning but unconscious hypocrites. Children are like sponges, they can and do pick up everything that they see, hear and sense, not only in the behavior of their primary role models, but even from casual acquaintances. And what they pick up will influence how they grow up, which in turn will have effects on the world-at-large that we can’t possibly imagine. One’s relationship to children has an impact on many levels of existence. Conscious parenting, then, is not only about the welfare of an individual, but more about the present and future well-being of society as a whole.”  Lee Lozowick, author of ”Concious Parenting”

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