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Testimonials - Real Wisdom for Real People

Dear friends, feel free to read our participants impressions after "Real Wisdom for Real People Concious Parenting & Concious Relathionships” seminar that took place during 3-5 august at Seeds for Happiness center. We had an intense weekend togheter with the experience and gentleness of our guests. 

It was wonderful and we were happy to see a lot of you present with us. We enjoyed the seminar and we hope that you enjoy it also. 

"What I can say in this moment is that this seminar touched inside myself aspects and shadows which I thought them solved. I know that after this seminar many things will reveal and flow. I was impressed that at some level we all found in the “script” of the other and our own “script” was revealed and we became conscious of it." – Georgiana, lawyer

"It was great! I found myself in all you exposed and I thank you for that! I used forgiveness for my parents some time ago and inner peace came. By your words you’ve confirmed me that I did well. Once again thank you for your existence and have the power to share and advise in this way. I hope to meet you again soon. I love you!" - Fausta Petcu, housewife

"I found each story is the story for all. It is overwhelming and deeply to meet people who talk and share their own life experience from which to learn so much just from a smile, a glance and then words. Glad I could have access to this experience that deeply touched something in my being. Thank you! "- A Participant

" I lived some intense moments during the seminar when I became aware of what I have to work on and what wounds need healing. The seminar was relevant to me. I liked very much the guests." - Roxana Năsturaş

"Here I had the opportunity to sit face to face with the child in me, without judgment and without getting angry and I understand how I can grow and care in a conscious way." – A Participant

" I learned that you can run but you cannot hide. Questions that you've made ​​25 years ago can be answered from beyond the ocean." – Jack

" I loved it! The four ladies are extremely vivid and beautiful. The room was full of energy and kindness. I am grateful for the advice I received and the help the participants have given me during the coffee break. Thanks to all who were present. Everything depends on me." - Corina Petcu, professor

"Life flows through us and communicate through it. Love gives us space to do things differently." – Mihai

"In this seminar I always had the impression of being at home, where everything is very clear and simple, where everything is possible ... My heart is full of gratitude for the authenticity, clarity and truth of the teachings. Thanks for the confirmations I received. Let the inner light to guide us all HOME. " - Lucia Viorica Avasan, engineer, psihoterapeut, bioenergotherapist

"Thanks for the opportunity to be in a space with these extraordinary women, deeply touched by their commitment to human being, my inspiration for my own searches." - Cristiana

"I find all my vision of world and life in the book ( "Conscious Parenting"). For me it was a surprise this special recognition. About the seminar I would have liked to be more interactive. I particularly appreciate the experience of decades of the ladies and difficulty to convey so much in such a short time. But I know that things are basically much simpler than can be explained, however, the spiritual path is there for everyone, even at hand. I wished more simplified answers. Outstanding!" - Louis Sandulescu, psychologist, trainer

"Thank you for this beautiful experience, in which you created a space that was safe, open, comfortable, filled with love and where we could let aside the barriers between us and share as a group deep feelings, insights, guided by love, kindness and wisdom by the four invited women, really special and powerful." - A participant

"I tasted with great curiosity the “cake" of wisdom that may ease our hunger in search of truth about life, childhood and relationships. It was a controversial weekend, which caused many reactions and which revealed many things to work on. We were working intensely in a space of sharing and openness. Thank you! " - Vlad Doroican, PR

"An exciting and friendly meeting with four women, with four examples of life and humanity, who sincerely and accurately touched sensitive spots inside us, comforted wounds and shared their experience with generosity, gentleness and impressive dignity, unforgettable! Thank you! " - Daniel Iordachescu, MD

"Here I am convinced that once knew but had forgotten to say, that should not have expectations or achievements of others, but only from me and understand that until I am not in harmony with myself and with what is, I will not be quiet and peaceful. I must understand that I am not always right and not be offend or to suffer for it." - Cornelia, geographer

"This weekend experience made ​​me feel like in science fiction movies, when a council of the wise leadership forum of a civilization advanced, is composed exclusively or predominantly of women. The four women, disciples of Lee Lozowick, can be part of such a council of wise men. Congratulations to Team Good Company for this event!" - Teo Ciontu

"More than I expected!" – A participant

" I just came on August 5 and I didn’t find the theme seminar on conscious parenting and conscious relationships. I would be more interested to be addressed and explained some chapters of the book and translated into our real life." - LTA, psychologist

"An interesting meeting between beings of the different "planets". Each knows its vision of "truth" as perceived. The key to success of such meetings and establishing a dialogue and have a moderator who knows both "languages​​". Otherwise it is a complex of monologues, not dialogue. There are no bridges to connect; I think many of the things said are found in all spiritual teachings with substance and / or religious. After I asked, I realized that we are not prepared to have "meetings of the Third Kind", we are still monkeys (some with personality). Why only women came as representatives of this way of initiation?" - Michael Butucaru, architect

"Beyond the illusion there is hope and help. Consciousness is possible; I saw this in the presence of these four beautiful women who have blessed us with love and understanding. Thank you! " - Claudia

Thank you for your sincerity and dedication.


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