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de Red Hawk

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Reginei Sara Ryan in Romania - June 2013

We are happy and honored to announce Regina Sara Ryan’s presence in Romania in June 2013, for a series of events on personal development and spiritual development topics.

Her schedule will be as follows:

June 17, from 19:00h to 21:00h, Seeds for Happiness Center (Bucharest, Fabrica de Chibrituri Street, No. 16): “How Feminine can save the world” – Public talk for both men and woman about the power of gentle strength and the need for self-acceptance.

June 20, from 18:30h to 21:00h, Bastilia Library (Bucharest, Romana Plaza, No. 5): Book launching “Self Observation”, together with the author Red Hawk and his wife Chandrika Taylor.

June 21, from 19:00 – 21:00 and June 22 – June 23, Seeds for Happiness Center (Bucharest, Fabrica de Chibrituri Street, No. 16): Workshop “Self Observation” – Awakening to Love, with Red Hawk and Chandrika Taylor.

June 27 – June 30: Pilgrimage – Retreat for women “5 Footsteps in a Woman’s Lifelong Pilgrimage” with Regina Sara Ryan, at Suzana Monastery (Prahova, Maneciu village, close to Cheia city). Along with a small group of courageous women, pilgrims, she invites us to consider taking five simple (but challenging) footsteps that can transform our journey through life from an unconscious “trip” or “ride” to a heart-centered and intentional pilgrimage. Based in her own experience on the Path for over forty years, and drawing from several different traditions, Regina will encourage us to “listen within” and thus re-discover the principles that can start and maintain a lifelong course along a sacred way.

REGINA SARA RYAN  is a writer, editor and workshop leader that works in  U.S., Canada and Europe. Her work is appreciated mainly because it brings to us the important role that women have in the spiritual awakening of humanity. She has a deep respect for spiritual practices that reveals beauty, compassion, devotion, love, gratitude, peace and authentic teaching.

For more details about her work, please visit www.reginasararyan.com or Romanian event organizer website: www.goodcompany.ro


For registrations, suggestions and more details regarding June 2013 events, please contact us:

Claudia Damoc




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