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de Red Hawk

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Book: I Love You...So What Now?

You can read the first chapters of this book HERE.

This book can be bought by contacting Claus Kostkas organiser Oana Ionescu,tel.0722 923 811.

An animated life together, even in the difficult stages of the relationship.

In this well-founded book, but written for to understand, Claus Kostka refers to the period that follows the falling in love stage and which, sometimes, carries the germs of failure, because lovers do not know how to manage the problems and the difficulties that seem to be inevitable.

The author doesn’t have a recipe that is generally available, but he offers clear solutions whose conversion into practice may help exploiting creatively the difficult periods, which means not only overcoming them, but gaining from them.

What you may read in many thick books is reproduced here, without shallowness, in almost 100 pages. A real triumph!


Table of Contents:

What do nine cows and relationships have in common?

Why a book about relationships?

Head in the clouds and the year after

Find alternatives or end it

The six essential ingredients of relationship

The phases of relationship

Why it is so difficult to really love

The steps toward a real relationship

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