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Claus Kostka


Claus Kostka is a German counselor and therapist with 30 years of experience in methods like body oriented psychotherapy, systemic constellation work, family therapy, couples counseling and therapy of arts. Born 1955 he is married and father of 4 children.
He is a licensed psychotherapist (Heilpraktiker) in Germany and acknowledged by the 'Federația Română de Psihotherapie' as psychotherapist and trainer and by the 'German Association for Systemic Constellations' as facilitator for constellations.

Claus lives in Germany and gives seminars and counseling sessions in Germany, France, Canada, UK and Romania.

"I am honored to be able to bring this therapeutic and human development work in Romania. I am glad that I can practice here since 2007. Finally, the context of this work is creating a world that works for everyone, without anyone being left out, which for me is the true essence of love."                            
                                                                                                                        Claus Kostka
The Basis of my Work :

Every human being is unique, complete, and whole.
There is nothing we need to attain because everything we seek for, wish, or desire, is already waiting and present within each one of us, without exception.

Sometimes we forget this. Then we feel as if all beauty, all life force, all warmth has left us. We no longer feel at home with our selves.
To become centered again, to allow satisfaction into our lives, and to be able to nourish ourselves, we need the courage to move in new directions.

In our work together, we reclaim our denied feelings and reintegrate them; by doing so we build a strong basis of ease for dealing with the difficulties of life. We become joyful and appreciative in relationships, and we experience a blossoming and growing capacity for love.

We create space for beauty and for something that is much bigger than ourselves.
In this process we reconnect with our courage: the courage we need to come home again, and be deeply relaxed and trustful in our beeing, existence, or in the way we are.

For over 30 years I have had the privilege to guide people in their search for themselves. I deeply enjoy being able to help them rediscover their radiance, their beauty, and their vision.
I love doing what I do!
                                                                                                                   Claus Koska
Claus is also the author of the book "I love you... so what now?" , wich is available in the Good Company store:
Claus writes , with both humor and wisdom, about the time that follows the falling in love stage, that sometimes already has the seed of disapointment, because the lovers don't know how to handle the dificulties that unavoidably appear.
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To read more about Claus, please visit http://www.clauskostka.de/
Claus Kostka's Romanian Seminar Schedule - 2015

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