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Regina Sara Ryan

 is a writer, editor and workshop leader that works in  U.S., Canada and Europe. Her work is appreciated mainly because it brings to us the important role that women have in the spiritual awakening of humanity.

She has a deep respect for spiritual practices that reveals beauty, compassion, devotion, love, gratitude, peace and authentic teaching. Regina has studied contemplation and mysticism for over thirty-five years. After leaving the convent, where she lived as a Roman Catholic nun in the 1960s and early 70s, Regina began her exploration of other religious traditions.

She was particularly inspired by the lives of the great women of Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Sufism who had flourished in their dedication to God and spiritual practices. Her book, The Woman Awake, recounts the stories of twenty-four of these remarkable women.

Since 1984, when she had met her spiritual master, the Baul Teacher Lee Lozowick, Regina has continued to follow what she calls a path of “unashamed devotion,” working to bring her life of contemplation into action.  She currently lives with her husband in Arizona, USA.

Regina offers seminars and retreats on themes like deepening spiritual traditions, holistic health, couple relationships and personal transformation and she is the author of numerous books, including "Breastfeeding: Your Priceless Gift to Your Baby and Yourself", "We Like to Move: Exercise is Fun", "Wellness Workbook "(co-author John W. Travis), "Simply Well, Choices for Healthy Life", "The Woman Awake: Feminine Wisdom for Spiritual Life" (the story of 24 remarkable women who also have dedicated their lives to spiritual awakening) and "Praying Dangerously: Radical Reliance on God".

Inspired by her first visit to Romania (March 2009), when she gave a seminar in Bucharest and visited several monasteries in Moldova, Regina has published the book "Igniting the Inner Life", writing about what it means to have the courage to start a pilgrimage to yourself and how you can truly open to love, knowledge, self-appreciation and forgiveness.


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"What if my life were forever re-contextualized as pilgrimage? What if I chose, deliberately, to pare down my necessities in order to travel with fewer encumbrances? What if I chose traveling companions from among th ose I knew would keep me awake and alert because of their good spirit and their dedication?

What if I honored my companions because they had promised
to walk the path, whether they stumble along or not, or even whether they liked the particular scenery or not?

What if I went 
everywhere, whether to the grocery store or to the holy sepulcher of Christ, with awareness of my steps and chanting the name of God along the way? What if I looked at everything that happened to me along any way/any Way as  being a potential gift, and grace, and miracle, and instruction in the tenderizing of the heart? Ah, what then! "
Regina Sara Ryan – "Igniting the Inner Fire" book

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