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de Red Hawk

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About Family Constellation

The Family Constellation workshop is designed for individuals or couples who want to solve
important life problems and who are looking to find a free ground for the evolution of their existence. The participants will have revealing experiences and deep healing concerning the nature of illnesses, personal problems and relationships between the generations.

Each of us lives in a family system. This system consists of people – spouses, domestic partners, parents and all the rest of a person’s forebears – and is shaped by our individual cultural heritage.
Much of our suffering is directly related to events which happened in the past of our families and to the deeds of our forefathers. It is important to see that the family is a system that requires balance and love in order to flourish, exactly as nature needs.

When the order of love in a family is disrupted, the generations that follow will suffer and may become chained to a destiny which is not really theirs, which will prevent them to follow their own true life. Many of us live this way without realizing it and without recognizing that we are repeating the fates of other family members.

As long as we haven’t found ‘our own lives’, we cannot begin to realize our potential in any satisfying way. Until we can unlock our inner potential, it is impossible to satisfy our soul’s longing and find inner peace. The Family Constellation seminar provides us with the opportunity to stop the unending circle of repetitive actions we do, although we know we should act differently.

The benefits of the workshop:

The Family Constellation workshop is addressed to those who wish to bring more harmony and balance in their lives, it will help the participant in the following ways:
     - to solve misunderstandings and disruptions in couple or family
     - to stop the cycle of abuse, violence and alienation in the family
     - to work with difficulties in raising children, to heal painful family situations (divorce, unique
     parent, pregnancy loss, miscarriage, infertility, adoption/custody)
     - to discover the reasons for physical and emotional suffering and to begin the healing
     process (e.g. migraines, asthma, food problems, depression, phobias, panic attacks,

     suicidal tendencies, drugs and alcohol abuse)
     - to work on existing professional conflicts in their lives
     - to find equilibrium in the face of serious illness or death
     - to find their good place in life

What is happening in the seminar:

In this seminar each participant who you wants to work with his family will be asked which is his deepest heart desire. There is no need for a lot of information. The therapist will ask some questions concerning biographical facts of parents, grandparents, partners or situations, depending on what system is picked to be worked with. The participant will start choosing other people from the seminar to represent the members of his family. He/She will reposition them intuitively in space. Once they are positioned, they start to connect to the 'knowing field' and act as if they would energetically know the represented persons. If some representatives will not feel good in their initial positions, it may be an indication that the system is not balanced.

The therapist will slowly rearrange the representatives in space with great care, respect and attentiveness until a solution is found. Solution in this case means, that everybody will feel at his or her place and relax. The entire group will experience this solution as something impressive and transformational. Specific archetypical phrases and actions will be suggested by the therapist in order to help the reconciliation to happen. This is the moment when the soul starts to dance and sing again.

When the harmony of the family system is reestablished, there is a deep experience like when you say with all your heart:"So it is good for me!".

Studies made over time in such seminars conducted around the world have shown an amazing opportunity, which should be carefully studied: love is the same regardless of the culture in which you were born, European, Asian, African or Islamic.

These events are also addressed to therapists, psychologists, social assistants, doctors and those working in the field of health, who will have the opportunity to improve their own professional practice by this effective method.


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