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About Soulbreathing

Transformation and healing through the power of breath

The healing breath-work developed by Claus Kostka in 30 years of continuous practice is designed to bring you face to face with all the past events that have put your life out of balance  and  with the belief systems which you have created out of these events (beliefs which have put your life even more out of balance). It is a way of working with oneself which is grounded in primal therapy, re-birthing, holotropic breathing, re-parenting, meditation and other kinesthetic approaches.

During our journey throughout life, sometimes we find ourselves locked inside. Nothing seems to help us any longer and we feel like being trapped inside a vicious circle of guilt and repressed emotions. The relationships with people we love do not satisfy us anymore, we have problems with our children, our job becomes unfulfilling and we begin to have health problems such as migraines, back pains, ulcer and others like this. At this stage in our life we feel like the sun is not shining anymore for us.

These workshops will give you a unique possibility to experience something that did not go well in your past while having the ability and the strength of a grown up person. That means,  you re-experience that which has been out of balance, painfully, unfriendly, discounting and with the careful support of Claus you will be enabled to bring it to a new resolution. This way you will also be able to change or correct unhealthy decisions about your life which have been tormenting you since a long time (things like 'nobody loves me'; 'I do not deserve it'; 'I have no right to be here'; 'I may not ask for something' and so on). Having now a new decision made, (like: 'I am lovable the way I am') you go back into your everyday life and you will be amazed by what will happen there !

By engaging into the power of the healing breath-work you also start to open your internal channel for spiritual perception and you can have very deep experiences of that kind, for example you can have the experience of connecting to your guardian angel, you can feel completely connected to everybody in the room to the extent that you can say who is feeling what without direct physical or visual contact.

Claus uses to say about this work: "Besides the constellation work, this soul breathing-work is the fastest and strongest healing kind of work which I had ever experienced. I am absolutely sure that it will help you to greatly lighten up your life and make it more fulfilled and shining. If you want to go one more step towards personal freedom and transformation, you will not want to miss this workshop !"

The healing breath-work is completely focused on your person (which is kind of different from constellation when we focus on the whole family system or at least on parts of the system). In the breathing workshops you will work all the time with your own 'things' and your own questions. YOU as an individual will be the cause and center of whole process and your emotions and feelings will be in the foreground of your experience.

"The breathing and body therapy workshop I facilitate, I've developed in thirty years of study and it is based of the work of people like: Art Janov (primary therapy), H.v.d. Osten (integrative body psychotherapy), Werner Erhard (contextual work), J. Schiff (cathexis therapy), Lee Lozowick (spiritual guide) and many others. My personal growth process as parent, husband, friend and seeker of truth, added the necessary spices.

I am honored that I can bring this work to Romania. The final context of this work is to create a world which works for all people without anyone being left outwhich for me is the true essence of love." Claus Kostka 

The breathing workshops facilitated by Claus Kostka in Romania are organized in two formats:

- A longer workshop in the format of a Soul Breathing Retreat, held in a quiet and picturesque area of Romania. Away from the noise and stress of everyday life, for 4 days, the participants will work intensely for their healing and transformation process through breathing processes, meditation and other integrative body  processes. During the 4 days retreat, the participants will reach such a profound and deep sensitivity in relationship to themselves as we rarely have the opportunity to experience it in our life.  

- A shorter seminar, called Soul Breathing Weekend held in Bucharest, which lasts 2 days and one evening. The seminar is addressed to both those who participate for the first time and those who are familiar with this type of body therapy and want to refresh or to continue their development work with Claus Kostka. For those who participate for the first time in a seminar with Claus, this breathing weekend will give them an introduction to the healing breath work and integrative body psychotherapy as they are developed by Claus Kostka. The participant will be able to see what this work means and how Claus facilitates the breathing processes.

To read more about Claus Kostka, visit his page.


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