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„Observarea de sine”

de Red Hawk

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Autor: Red Hawk

In this collection of ninety new poems, Red Hawk touches raw nerves in a spectrum of vital subjects -- from children, nature and family, to God, politics and death. Whether he is telling a funny story about himself, or indicting Western civilisation, from its blindness and cruelty, Red Hawk's words are always precise, often ruthless, and ultimately compassionate. Unlike so many contemporary poets whose work is lost on the ordinary reader, Red Hawk's poetry is written for everyone.

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Editura: Hohm Press
Anul aparitiei: 1999

Autor: Red Hawk

Brave and clear, 250 new poems from the inestimable Red Hawk. He sees the human condition with open eyes, the insight of experience, and ruthless honesty. Original cover art by Gary Simmons.

Red Hawk’s poetry has long been acclaimed by his fellow poets, Pulitzer Prize winners and National Book Award Finalists, for its gutsy honesty, plain language, and consummate skill.

Never is that poetic skill in rendering the truth more evident than in this, his fifth book of poetry. It has some of his best poems ever, including a group of sonnets on which he’s been working for thirty years. Now, in the words of Miller Williams and Coleman Barks, Red Hawk is the only American poet doing groundbreaking, award worthy work in the sonnet form popularized by Robert Frost and William Shakespeare.

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70.00 Ron
Editura: Hohm Press
Anul aparitiei: 2005