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Our story is here .

Organizer and Claus Kostka's romanian hand: Oana Ionescu, tel. 0722 923 811

          she is the one you want to make sure she knows you well,
          and the one you want to have your contact in her address book.
           (no calls after 21 please, sms works too)

Organizer and promoter of the Good Company events: Claudia Damoc

           she is one that sees the important and valuable events that can be organized,
           and the one that is preparing and promoting new seminars and meetings.
            (she is the one you should let know what inspires you and what you want more from Good Company)

Site & Web admin, "css makeup artist" and social media coordinator: Vlad Dogarescu

           he is the one you want to make sure his Internet connection is up and fast,
           he enjoys interaction, to keep you posted with what we are doing and to find out what inspires you
            (no job offers please, he is still very busy and he likes the project)

Editor, sponsor, founder and the source person of this group: Grigorela Dimitriu

          she is the one you want to support to keep this project growing,
          and the one who checks the math.
          (no compromise, no maybes, just ask the right thing here and now)

Editor, sponsor, founder and architect behind the scene: Radu Dumitru

           he is the one you want to ask where this is going to and why,
           and the one who does the math.
           (no mercy, not much free time, feedback appreciated, ideas too)

Nobody in particular but consulted by many: Mr. Office

          write here for general topics, miscellanea and anything not mentioned yet.
S.C. Good Company Promotions S.R.L.

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