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Soulbreathing Retreat June

  • About Soulbreathing

    Transformation and healing through the power of breath

    The healing breath-work developed by Claus Kostka in 30 years of continuous practice is designed to bring you face to face with all the past events that have put your life out of balance  and  with the belief systems which you have created out of these events (beliefs which have put your life even more out of balance). It is a way of working with oneself which is grounded in primal therapy, re-birthing, holotropic breathing, re-parenting, meditation and other kinesthetic approaches.

    During our journey throughout life, sometimes we find ourselves locked inside. Nothing seems to help us any longer and we feel like being trapped inside a vicious circle of guilt and repressed emotions. The relationships with people we love do not satisfy us anymore, we have problems with our children, our job becomes unfulfilling and we begin to have health problems such as migraines, back pains, ulcer and others like this. At this stage in our life we feel like the sun is not shining anymore for us.

    These workshops will give you a unique possibility to experience something that did not go well in your past while having the ability and the strength of a grown up person. That means,  you re-experience that which has been out of balance, painfully, unfriendly, discounting and with the careful support of Claus you will be enabled to bring it to a new resolution. This way you will also be able to change or correct unhealthy decisions about your life which have been tormenting you since a long time (things like 'nobody loves me'; 'I do not deserve it'; 'I have no right to be here'; 'I may not ask for something' and so on). Having now a new decision made, (like: 'I am lovable the way I am') you go back into your everyday life and you will be amazed by what will happen there !

    By engaging into the power of the healing breath-work you also start to open your internal channel for spiritual perception and you can have very deep experiences of that kind, for example you can have the experience of connecting to your guardian angel, you can feel completely connected to everybody in the room to the extent that you can say who is feeling what without direct physical or visual contact.

    Claus uses to say about this work: "Besides the constellation work, this soul breathing-work is the fastest and strongest healing kind of work which I had ever experienced. I am absolutely sure that it will help you to greatly lighten up your life and make it more fulfilled and shining. If you want to go one more step towards personal freedom and transformation, you will not want to miss this workshop !"

    The healing breath-work is completely focused on your person (which is kind of different from constellation when we focus on the whole family system or at least on parts of the system). In the breathing workshops you will work all the time with your own 'things' and your own questions. YOU as an individual will be the cause and center of whole process and your emotions and feelings will be in the foreground of your experience.

    "The breathing and body therapy workshop I facilitate, I've developed in thirty years of study and it is based of the work of people like: Art Janov (primary therapy), H.v.d. Osten (integrative body psychotherapy), Werner Erhard (contextual work), J. Schiff (cathexis therapy), Lee Lozowick (spiritual guide) and many others. My personal growth process as parent, husband, friend and seeker of truth, added the necessary spices.

    I am honored that I can bring this work to Romania. The final context of this work is to create a world which works for all people without anyone being left outwhich for me is the true essence of love." Claus Kostka 

    The breathing workshops facilitated by Claus Kostka in Romania are organized in two formats:

    - A longer workshop in the format of a Soul Breathing Retreat, held in a quiet and picturesque area of Romania. Away from the noise and stress of everyday life, for 4 days, the participants will work intensely for their healing and transformation process through breathing processes, meditation and other integrative body  processes. During the 4 days retreat, the participants will reach such a profound and deep sensitivity in relationship to themselves as we rarely have the opportunity to experience it in our life.  

    - A shorter seminar, called Soul Breathing Weekend held in Bucharest, which lasts 2 days and one evening. The seminar is addressed to both those who participate for the first time and those who are familiar with this type of body therapy and want to refresh or to continue their development work with Claus Kostka. For those who participate for the first time in a seminar with Claus, this breathing weekend will give them an introduction to the healing breath work and integrative body psychotherapy as they are developed by Claus Kostka. The participant will be able to see what this work means and how Claus facilitates the breathing processes.

    To read more about Claus Kostka, visit his page.


  • The Breathing Retreat is a 4 days breathing and body therapy workshop, facilitated by Claus Kostka in Romania.
    This retreat with international participation will be held in a quiet and picturesque area of Romania. Away from the noise and stress of everyday life, for 4 days, the participants will work intensely for their healing and transformation process through breathing processes, meditation and other integrative body processes.


    When and how much?

    Where?  Registration

    20 June 2012 - 24 June 2012

    Seminar costs: 1780 Ron (405 eur)

    Seminar schedule: Wednesday, June 20 - Sunday, June 24

    Start time is Wednesday at 14:00 and end time is Sunday at 14:00. You will receive later by email the details about the departure schedule. The workshop ends after the lunch of the last day, on Sunday. Participants' presence is necessary throughout the entire workshop duration.

    The workshop is open to international participation, it is held in English and translated into Romanian language. English or Romanian speaking participants are welcome to come. Communication can take place in both languages. People who come from abroad can be helped by the organizers in planning their trip (transport, accommodation, information).

    In order to book a place in the seminar, an advance payment of 500 Ron is requested.
    The advance payment is nonrefundable if the intention to no longer participate is communicated to the organizer with less than 30 days prior to the workshop. The advance payment will be transferred to the next similar event if this is requested with at least 15 days before the seminar, or if the failure to participate is due to fortuitous circumstances. If the intention to no longer participate is communicated with less than 15 days prior to the seminar, we cannot guarantee that your place in the seminar can be occupied by another person, so we can no longer guarantee that your advance payment can be transferred to another event.
    Accommodation will be in single or double rooms, depending on availability.

    Participants who are part of the same family (husband-wife or parent-child) may receive a 10% discount. If you want to take advantage of this discount, please indicate this when you register in the seminar.
    Book your seat in advance, the seminar is limited to a total of 18 participants!

    Below you can register online. You will receive by email more details about the participation.
    If there are no places available and you would like to participate in this seminar, you can sign up on the waiting list. We will contact you by phone to provide you with the opportunity to register in case seats will turn out later to be available due to cancelation of other participants. Registration on the waiting list does not guarantee that you will be able to have a place reserved at the seminar but offers you priority in registration if seats become available.

    Organizer: Oana Ionescu.
    Using this form you can get in touch with Oana for seminar details. You will receive an answer as soon as possible.


    Vila Carina

    Located in Paraul Rece at a altitude of 1050 meters, in a fairytale surrounding near Brasov and Predeal, Vila Carina is the perfect location for a healing process, in a quiet and beautiful nature area.



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  • Testimonials

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    A unique, profound experience of self-discovery. I am grateful to Claus for what he does with and for us.

    R, economist wrote on 22 November 2013

    For me, the Soul Breathing Seminar is an intense and revealing experience, a travel back “home”. Into my body, into the here and now. Thank you. Claus creates a safe and beneficial space for this type of work with the self.

    A wrote on 22 November 2013

    This weekend was longer than others, it feels like it’s been a long time since Friday, when this “adventure” began. I had previously participated to a similar weekend, so I knew how intense it is and how powerful the released emotions are. This is why I was rather anxious when we started working.
    Still, everything was perfect. I have to learn to start trusting more the wonderful intelligence of my subconscious (or maybe super-conscious) self, because I wasn’t confronted by anything unsettling – at the moment I am going through a rather fragile time in my life. For the rest, we received a lot of professionalism, dedication, experience in working with people, all from one person, a wonderful therapist, Claus Kostka. Thank you!

    I, economist wrote on 22 November 2013

    It’s amazing to discover how many energies lie within us. You can discover we are not only flesh and bones, but also a lot of energy. Unfortunately, we are not educated to acknowledge or use it. Our own energy, the energy of people around us, Earth’s energy, the Universe’s energy. In school we only learn mathematics, physics, chemistry and other subjects, of which some we use, but some we instantly forget. Why don’t we also learn about energy? We grow up, we become “grown-ups” with great amounts of effort and we carry a huge load with us, so much suffering! Why? Because no one teaches us how to unload it.
    Be free!
    Do what your soul tells you to!
    Give love!
    Receive love!
    I wonder why it is that these things are so hard to do, so hard to find, to understand.
    Will I ever be able to understand my energies?
    Claus offered me a starting point, a way!

    P, Inginer wrote on 22 November 2013

    Peace, quiet, relaxation… very many tears, many more than I would have imagined. I had the feeling of being held in the arms of someone who knows what I need, knows how to hold me… with his thoughts, smile and eyes, not necessarily with his physical arms.
    Simple, clear and professional explanations that make you understand you can trust that Claus knows what to do with each participant. I have barely begun digging, but already I discovered that the hot center is very deep, maybe just as the Earth’s nucleus is very deep, but still holds the world together and gives it its energy.
    The sensation I leave here with is that “I want more”… and I want a lot, though I don’t yet know what that is, but I am very confident I will discover what I need.

    M, medic wrote on 22 November 2013

    It’s been an amazing experience. I didn’t expect to go through this. I discovered my need to say no and the need to speak out when I am hurting. More than that, I opened up to feeling the love of my husband, my mother, my father and my sister. I am ready to feel!!!
    Thank you Claus and thank you to all the participants in this seminar.

    C, profesoara wrote on 22 November 2013

    Each seminar helps me not only to discover myself, but also to build myself. And everything happens very, very gently.

    O, jurist wrote on 22 November 2013

    After this first breathing seminar I felt I have reached – helped by the “wand” of Claus – areas of my soul I could only guess I had, but hadn’t really touched.

    C, Inginer wrote on 22 November 2013

    By taking part in this seminar I continued my personal transformation journey, and along this weekend I found the possibility of being with myself, of discovering things and coming into contact with parts of me I cannot acces otherwise. An opportunity of finding out what my limitations are and setting myself free from those things that stop me from being myself.
    I thank you Claus and I look forward to meeting you again.

    B, medic wrote on 22 November 2013

    The touching session impressed me very much. I received a lot of compassion, warmth and energy.

    L, economist wrote on 22 November 2013

    The soul breathing technique used by Claus is the most efficient therapy of the ones I have tried. Without any previous preparations, after a seminar with Claus I get many beneficial results in a short time, but they last for a long while.
    With each seminar I take more steps and make more progress towards knowing myself. Thank you Claus for your help. I am deeply grateful.

    B, Sociolog wrote on 22 November 2013

    Unique experiences, I have found myself; I stayed with myself gladly, had access a few times to the wonderful being inside me called “love”.
    I take with me a few exercises meant to help me reconnect with myself. Thank you!!!

    C, economist wrote on 22 November 2013

    The experience of my life so far! In short: I felt so alive! I am very grateful.I opened in front of the world, God and Love; I could not even comprehend with my mind so deep seeing! Thousands of thanks to Claus, I admire his devotion, dedication, involvement that guides us in this "journey inwards". Absolutely outstanding this week! I EXIST, LIVE, LOVE, BREATHE!!! FEEL THE LIFE! I am happyyyyy!!! P.s: now I feel and know more than "what can be seen":)

    A., Manager wrote on 12 July 2013

    A beautifull healing process. A difficult and tough path back to my true beauty, to the soul and my body.A beautiful and humbling lesson (at first) about HUMILITY, compassion, love, truth, beauty. It was full of authenticity, integrity, responsibility and human connections.I feel released. I am free to shine!I LOVE YOU ALL!

    X. wrote on 12 July 2013

    Is there a place where you can find yourself? And if so, how can it be found? Am I going to get lost on the road? I don't have the map. Does anyone know the way? Can it be shared? It all starts from the hope to share that comes from outside and saying: "stretch yourself on the mattress, feel your body, discovers what parts are cold and tense, and which parts are warm and relaxed."For me the path started from the outside inward. Here's my search to find an answer. The answer was that I have lots of reasons to love myself. And it is a good source for the creation, with the necessary care.

    E., psiholog wrote on 12 July 2013

    I came to this Seminar of breath without a particular goal (or perhaps with too many :)) and with much hope and confidence that I will find a path toward healing.When I first met Claus (Constellations) I was sure that I had found the perfect guide of healing to a better life. After this seminar I realized that I didn't know anything about the skill of Claus! The breathing seminar was a miraculous and revealing experience. I passed the "phase of impressions" now and I see a deep knowledge, care, compassion and excellence in conducting this type of therapy. I always felt safe and on the right path for me.This seminar was a transformative experience, of discovery, one that I will never forget, and a new beginning for me as a human being. I have succeeded in my highest purpose, to be a better parent! Thanks, Claus! I'll keep for you a a deep, grateful and loving place in my heart!

    B., Sociolog wrote on 12 July 2013

    A very inspired combination of techniques that break all barriers and open the gates to the most intimate and hidden corners of my soul. I will not miss another Breathing seminar, be it a week-end or residential. I want to have as often as possible the possibility to unleash the forces hidden within me, to bring them out to light and look them in the eyes, to get to know them and befriend them, or even confront them… I leave expecting the return.

    R., Trainer comunicare relationala wrote on 12 July 2013

    These days have meant relaxation, fluidity, flexibility, tenderness, compassion, not judging, joy, healing tears, days I fully deserved!
    I am thankful for being the way I am for myself and for people in my life!

    A. , medic wrote on 12 July 2013

    These few days have brought me back my vitality, energy, lust for life, and have made me reconsider my whole existence. Before the residential I was stiff, depressed, tired, and had a lot of questions. I didn’t let others get close to me and I didn’t allow myself to feel any emotions. I discovered I have an intelligent body and a lot of creativity. I discovered that around me there are people who have the same questions as myself and I accepted them partially (more progress!!). I made friends and had fun as I haven’t had since my childhood. It’s intense work, profound, and it’s worth every second of it.

    M., liber profesionist wrote on 12 July 2013

    The Breathing Residential has been an intense period, with many freed emotions and many wounds of the emotional body healed. I overcame many artificially created barriers; I experienced a lot of new sensations, intense feelings and a lot of harmony. The ending has created an intense bond with the others, an unforgettable bond of the souls.
    Thank you! ☺

    C., Project Manager IT wrote on 12 July 2013

    As usual, I don’t really know where to start, but I’ll gather the courage to jot down a few words.
    I came to Paraul Rece after a few days of doubts about whether to come or not. In the end I came, without expectations, without any subjects to work on, I just came. And I don’t regret any moment spent here.
    I think the best way to convey what has happened to me is to ask you to imagine that you walk into a dark room, and the only object there is a mirror, which is also dark. What Claus has managed to do these days was to turn on the light in the room and then to peel off some of the pellicles on the mirror, until I could see myself. It’s true that I still can’t see myself well enough, but it’s a start, and I am convinced I will be able to clean off even more of the sinter on the mirror, now that I have realized it can be done, but most importantly, that I liked what I saw.
    Thank you with all my heart.

    C., Inginer wrote on 12 July 2013

    I have been following the “soul breathing” therapy for three years, and it’s for three years that I have been healing, one at a time, deep wounds of my soul and my body. Without this work I would have never realized how deep these childhood wounds are. Without this work my life would have been calvary. Without this work I would never have found out what a beautiful and warm soul I am. Without this work I wouldn’t have found out how much I can achieve in my life with tact, joy, kindness, tranquility, calm and tenderness.
    I am grateful to Claus for all my life.

    C., maseur wrote on 12 July 2013

    After this residential I feel closer to myself. I am starting to know myself. I am starting to allow myself to feel. I am starting to live in the now. I am enjoying this moment when I am writing these lines because this is all I have for the moment.
    I recommend this experience to anyone who wants to know themselves, anyone who wants to go into the unknown. Once you have thrown yourself into this area you cannot control, you will be amazed what’s hidden underneath. It’s an experience I recommend wholeheartedly to people who want to rediscover themselves.

    D., communication advisor wrote on 12 July 2013

    Thank you, Claus, for holding my hand while I am searching for my soul! Thanks to you I know I will never be lonely, even when I’m alone. I am so grateful I met you and that I have the opportunity to learn from you what gentleness means (maybe I will even learn to apply it myself)!
    This year I make no promise as I leave, I make no plans; I just take with me the wonderful gift of life.
    I still remember what you told me during one of our first meetings: Happiness is a journey, not a destination (and I will make it mine!). I didn’t understand these words until recently. Now I can feel them.
    As usual, as I leave my heart gets a little heavy, so I leave a part of it with you. I wish I could make you into a tiny package, put you in my pocket and steal you away, but I couldn’t do that to the world, which needs you so much! So I’ll take instead with me your fatherly smile and the anxiousness to see you again!

    N., coordonator media wrote on 12 July 2013

    For me, the seminar was very complex, I worked with my body, I have released physical tension and hidden emotions which I kept 'under the carpet' since a long tine were also released. I learned that it's ok to be shy and imperfect and that there is no need to force me to do anything what does not come naturally to me and that has already begun to pay off.

    Claus had a great role in it, he has a great intuition; like no other he had the courage and gentleness to make me understand where I was wrong. During the breathing processes his presence beside me helped me very much, he gave me the confidence to put out 'all and everything' .

    A, Consultant management, Bucure?ti wrote on 03 July 2012

    Claus Kostka, the German therapist who facilitated the breathing workshop, is an extraordinary man, he has a incredible sense of body energy and people's feelings. It is obvious that he has a lot of experience and knowledge in this field. Claus is a modern and unique combination of a Shaman and a psychotherapist.

    The breathing residential was for me an experience of great depth and with a lasting transformational impact in my life. Life itself and its meanings get such an incredible opening after such an experience.

    R D, informatician, 40 ani, Bucuresti wrote on 01 July 2012

    With great difficulty I find words to express the feelings and the experiences which move you when you participate in these sessions. It was a unique opportunity to find myself as a whole and as parts of myself and to find myself in the the answers I gave to people in my life. I will certainly return to other sessions. Thank you!

    P, Inginer, 38 ani, Bucuresti wrote on 30 June 2012

    Of all the seminars I did, the breathing seminar is the most difficult to describe. Because, when we describe, inevitably, we have to use words (and hence mind) ... This seminar helped me to transcend the rational mind, I truly felt the soul and felt myself fully with my whole body, heart, mind, everything. For me, every time I do it, is a troubling experience that helps me to get to know me, beyond illusions and stories that often keep me imprisoned.

    For me Claus is a mentor. I admire in him the combination of force and compassion that I see so rarely in people. With a work of such delicacy, Claus offers safety and love, that's because he himself walked himself this path.

    R, Coach, Bucuresti wrote on 29 June 2012

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