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The Relationship Between Parents

  • Continuing the series "Conscious Parenting", which started with the launch of the book with the same name published by Good Company in 2012, we invite you Monday September 24, 19:00h at Seeds for Happiness Center, to a public talk on "The Relationship Between Parents" by Claus Kostka.


    The relationship you have with your life partner starts from the relationship you have with yourself and undoubtedly is reflecting on the relationship you have with your child or children. As you probably already know, it takes effort, attention and perseverance to have harmonious relationships. Being a parent is a job that challenges you from all points of view and is very useful, not to say vital, to understand the dynamics behind your actions, in order to have close, honest and open relationships that will withstand time and will bring more love on this earth.


    Claus Kostka is a German counselor and therapist with 30 years of experience in methods like body oriented psychotherapy, systemic constellation work, family therapy, couples counseling and therapy of arts. He is a licensed psychotherapist (Heilpraktiker) in Germany and acknowledged by the 'Federația Română de Psihotherapie' as psychotherapist and trainer and by the 'German Association for Systemic Constellations' as facilitator for constellations.

    He is married and father of 4 children.

    Claus Kostka is the author of the book "I love you...So what now?/Te iubesc...mai departe ce facem?" wich can be purchased in English and Romanian on our website and during our Monday Meetings at Seeds for Happiness Center.

    Conscious parenting is as important as the air is for breathing, for the creation of a transformative culture. It’s that simple. And it’s the only chance we have to prevent this earth from becoming a hell realm. On the other hand we should do it just for the sake of our children, just for their laughter, for their happiness and their peace of mind. We have the unique chance to break through the patterns of numbness and cruelty to create something truly human for our western context.""To be a conscious parent" An interview about conscious parenting by Claus Kostka in a British magazine called "Inspired Fatherhood"



    We believe that when it comes to our own development, it is much about the people in whose company we spend our time. There is an old Romanian saying that goes like this: „Tell me who do you accompany yourself with, to tell you who you are”. The quality of wisdom we develop comes from our teachers, mentors and trainers, from people who inspire us in our life. That is why we value the kind of „company” we spend our lives with and why being in „good company” matters.

    Sometimes we meet only once a trainer, a therapist or a teacher who gives us exactly the right „key” we need to forward our lives to the next level of development. Later we start admiring that person's work and we acknowledge the contribution she or he has brought to us.

    It is all about people learning from people, here at Good Company!



  • Continuing the series "Conscious Parenting", which started with the launch of the book with the same name published by Good Company in 2012, we invite you to a public talk on "The Relationship Between Parents" by Claus Kostka.


    When and how much?

    Where?  Registration

    24 September 2012 - 24 September 2012

    Free entrance! Donations are welcomed and appreciated!


    Centrul Seeds for Happiness

    Fabrica de Chibrituri Street, No. 16, Sector 4, Bucharest, Romania
    Park Carol Area - Filaret Busstation

    How to get by public transport:
    - Tram 7, route Unirii Square- Progresu
       -  Bus 232, route Unirii Square - Sudului Square - Bld. Alex Obregia



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