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Responsible and Healthy Boundaries

  • Friday, November 2, between 19,00h - 21,00h: Public Talk ”Counscious Parenting”

    Saturday and Sunday, November 3 and 4, between 10,00h - 17,00h: SEMINAR ”Responsible and Healthy Boundaries”
    An event for parents, grandparents, teachers and all those involved in children education, that are interested in a new approach regarding education, in having authentic relationships, filled with love, clarity, kindness, mutual respect and appreciation.





    When and how much?

    Where?  Registration

    02 November 2012 - 04 November 2012

    In order to facilitate access for as many people to this seminar, you are provided with many price options. Your generosity at any level you choose to express it, helps us to organize this seminar.

    Depending on the possibilities that you currently have, please choose one of the following price options below.
    Friday November 2, between 19,00h - 21,00h: 25 ron
    Saturday and Sunday November 3 and 4, between 10,00h – 17,00h:
    280 ron  - Guest
    200 ron - Scholar
     90 ron - Student
     50 ron - Volunteer



    Centrul Seeds for Happiness
    Fabrica de Chibrituri Street, No. 16, Sector 4, Bucharest, Romania (Park Carol Area - Filaret Busstation)
    How to get by public transport:
        - Tram 7, route Unirii Square- Progresu
       -  Bus 232, route Unirii Square - Sudului Square - Bld. Alex Obregia



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    I love it! Thank you very much!

    M. wrote on 08 November 2012

    A wonderful course, full of warmth! As a mother of 5 children, I learned many things that I applied instinctively in the past and I got confirmation that I did well. Often the nurse taught me stuff that I could not apply. I was doing different things. I was wondering why. Now I found out that what I was doing was what my maternal instinct was telling me that the way I've grown my children was good. I learned many things from the group. I learned a lot about communication. I've cleared up some issues that I had and not found the right person with whom to discuss them. Now I feel much better. Thanks Brinda! Thanks to the organizers! I hope that I will be able to apply and obtain improvements in my life and in the relationship with my children.

    Ana wrote on 08 November 2012

    Very interesting and very useful! Congratulations!

    P.N. wrote on 08 November 2012

    For me it was like a journey inside and brought me closer to the parents perspective. These perspective helps me to better understand my parents. Thank you!

    Ramona wrote on 08 November 2012

    Meeting with Brinda was one of those moments that you know will take a place in your soul and you will cherish all your life. Not only has the answers you're looking for, but it gives you confidence that you can find the answers within yourself. She is transmitting the joy and without unrealistic expectations. I feel that she opened a door for me and I want to continue to go on the this road.

    Adriana wrote on 08 November 2012

    A warm, welcoming and full of wisdom. After the first day of the course my children felt that I was "different", that I was brighter and more "nice" with them. Brinda is an excellent trainer and helps you see relationships between parents and children from a perspective of authenticity, from the perspective of love and understanding, but especially of confidence in our ability as parents and in the ability of our children.

    Brândușa wrote on 08 November 2012

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