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„Observarea de sine”

de Red Hawk

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New book release: "Self Observation"

  • Self Observation: Awakening to love – An Owner's Manual

    We are happy to share with you the last book project, make Good Company. This year we translated and published the "Self Observation" book, a transformational and a valuable book, considered a unique contribution to the scholarly literature about the Fourth Way. We wanted to make this book accessible to the romanian public out of love for people, teaching and truth.

    "Know your self" is an ancient precept about spiritual awakening. Observation of the self is the path by which we come to this knowledge.

    Sometimes you meet a book that leaves you touched to the marrow of your being, a book which rewrites, in some way, what you have read in the past. Such books you start to reread after you finish them, you have them with you, inspires you to write yourself, transforming the way you view and understand important things in your life. Self Observation is such a book. The author presents the essence of the teachings in a unique way: combining deep analysis with practical instructions and meaningful poems.
    We strived for a translation close to the original edition, wich is sometimes cryptic, this being done intentionally to encourage the reader to a personal reflection on the ideas presented and not to take them "undigested" out of spiritual "obligation".

    We look forward to the visit to Romania of the author of the book, Robert Moore, Ph.d. (a.k.a. Red Hawk). Red Hawk is a poet, writer and professor. Good Company invited him to Romania to celebrate the publication of his book "Self Observation" in Romania and to facilitate a weekend seminar about the ancient spiritual practice of self observation.

    The book release, in the author's presence, will take place on Thursday 20 June at 18: 30 at the Bastilia Book Store in the Roman Plaza. Red Hawk will talk about cultivation of inner attention, he will answer our questions and offer book dedications. We are waiting for you with love.

    You can read the first 4 chapters of the "Self Observation" in our online library.

    Weekend workshop with Red Hawk "Self observation: waking up to love" will take place on 21-22 June in Bucharest at the Seeds for Happiness Center.

    "This book is really a valuable one."
    Arnaud Desjardins, the eminent spiritual teacher based in Hauteville, France

    "When I joined, in my youth, the study groups of Gurdjieff, 60 years ago in Paris, I have read many books in English and French on the subject of observation, on self awareness and the remembering of the self. It was a very pleasant surprise to discover in Red Hawk's book important ideas I've not found elsewhere or, in any case, I haven't found them expressed in such convincingly manner. Many of the books on the subject of spirituality are interesting, but few are truly helpful. This book is really a valuable piece. "
    Arnaud Desjardins, eminent spiritual teacher based in Hauteville, France, author of numerous books, including The Jump into Life and Toward the Fulness of Life; He studied with Madame Jeanne de Salzmann (1950-1965).

    "The book provides inspiration and a great set of instructions for use."
    Robert a. Schmidt, Ph.d., director of the Center for spiritual meditation Tayu

    "Self Observation is a key part of the of the Fourth Way teaching, which deserves the special attention it receives in this admirably concise written and easy to read volume. Red Hawk writes about self observation with the unmistakable voice of the unimposed authority, wich may only appear as a result of the cultivation of this practice for a long time, in a deep and persistent manner. This unique contribution to the Fourth Way literature will be a very nourishing material for both the experienced parctitioners of self-observation or other witness meditation practices and for the beginner parctitioners. This book provides inspiration and a great set of instruction for use. I recommend it fullheartedly." Robert a. Schmidt, Ph.d., director of the Center for spiritual meditation Tayu, editor of the "Archeology of Sexuality" volume.

    There is no better thesis about this topic, currently on the market.
    E.J.Gold, artist; author,
    spiritual teacher

    "In this book Red Hawk tells the truth. He speaks so eloquently about the awakening process and about the power of self observation, that I'd like to have this book available when I started working with groups. There is a thesis about this topic better currently on the market. Follow the instructions and you will have success, guaranteed. "
    E.J.Gold, artist, author of many of the American Book of the Dead.

    The book is available for purchase in our online shop.


  • We are very glad to invite you to the launch of a brand new book published by Good Company: "Self-Observation" written by Red Hawk. We will have the precious company of the author as guest and also Chandrika Taylor and Regina Sara Ryan will join us to celebrate the romanian version of the book. Red Hawk will speak about gaining an inner attention, he will answer questions and sign books.

    In the Good Company library you can read the first four chapters and buy the book. You can find the english version and the romanian version

    “Know thyself” is the most ancient teaching for awakening—almost every religious and philosophical system recommends it. This practice of learning to “know thyself” is called self observation  . . . or self-awareness . . . or self-remembering. Without this self-knowledge as the basis of our lives, we are driven by our habits and respond mechanically to the directions and opinions of others. It is no wonder that life often feels superficial, pointless and deeply unsatisfactory, and that our relationships with others break down so easily.

    You can register to this event using the form below.

    .... eagerly awaiting your arrival.

    When and how much?

    Where?  Registration

    20 June 2013 - 20 June 2013

    We are starting at 18:30.



    Libraria Bastilia, Piata Romana nr.5

    Intersection with str. Caderea Bastiliei, in the big square Pta Romana, near ASE.


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