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„Observarea de sine”

de Red Hawk

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Lee Lozowick Video Series

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    Durata: 248 min.
    Anul aparitiei: 2011
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    Zona DVD: PAL format
    Format: DVD
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    Belle Chasse Seminar, France, September 2009

    Amercian spiritual teacher Lee Lozowick was known by many people the world over as the Heart-Son of Yogi Ramsuratkumar – the revered “Beggar King” of South India in the lineage of Swami Ramdas – and the only recognized Baul master in the West. In November 2010 Lee left his body and entered into mahasamadhi, leaving his devotees, friends, and acquaintances an immense legacy: three thriving ashrams in Arizona, France and India, a rich teaching spanning more than thirty-five years, including thousands of recorded talks, over forty published books and thirty-five CD’s of original music recorded by his rock & roll and blues bands.

     Lee Lozowick’s expression as a guru and Baul khepa (one who is divinely mad) was multifaceted and unique: even while he was foremost a true devotee, a great yogi, and a man of God, he was also a spiritual friend and provocateur, a poet, lyricist, and rock & roll singer, a merchant of sacred artifacts, and a captivating storyteller. Through a flow of stories and spontaneous teachings, his recorded talks offer the listener a practical, humorous, and often sublime transmission of universal truth that captures Lee’s sometimes outrageous transformation.

    Lee’s ability to translate the ancient wisdom of the spiritual path - and of the iconoclastic Bauls in particular – into the contemporary perspective offers a powerful view of compassion and practical wisdom applied to the grater potentials within ordinary life: in relationships, marriage, sexuality, conscious parenting, careers, money, friendship, food, music and all forms of artistic endeavor.

    Topics include:

    Refining our perceptions

    Reciprocity with the master

    Have Faith!

    Removing our “armor”

    World of darkness/world of light

    Eat, digest, integrate

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